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On behalf of Evergreen Herb Clinic and its staff, I would foremost like to thank you for all of you endless support and love.

Since its opening in 2003, Evergreen has accommodated over 12,000 patients throughout the United States. It is now recognized as one of the leading oriental healthcare industry, all in thanks for your support.

Now, after 10 years since its opening, I am proud to present to you Evergreen’s new home. Our new design and upgraded facility were constructed after utmost consideration of your optimal comfort and for the best service and care. With an upgrade of our pharmacy, we can provide a fast and efficient production of our herbal medicine. Our acupuncture rooms have increased to three with natural herbal aromatic wallpapers. Our newest additions include meditation room, tea-therapy center, and seminar room, all designed and programmed for your well-being.

All this was possible thanks to your love and support for Evergreen. Its staff and I promise to continue our endeavors to not only make your life healthier, but also happier; staying true to our motto: A clinic that will return your smile.

Yours truely,

Dr. HyeJin Shin
Director of Evergreen Herb Clinic