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Aesthetics Clinic (Cosmetics)

Aesthetics Clinic (Cosmetics)

Evergreen Herb Clinic’s Aesthetics Clinic focuses on skin irregularities. In TKM (Traditional Korean Medicine), skin is the surface mirror of the Oh-Jang Yook-Bu (Five Yin-Organs and Six Yang-Organs). Irregularities in the organ can display its symptoms through skin irregularities from acne, blackheads, dark spots, dark eyes, rashes, et cetera. Our licensed cosmetician and the doctors of the clinic will help you return to a natural state of your skin.

Adolescent Acne

  • Acne often occurs from the hormonal imbalances many young adults go through during puberty. Through facial massages and acupuncture with the supplementary tonic for optimal growth and development during hormonal fluctuations, acne can be easily remedied.

General Skin-care

  • A licensed cosmetician will be with you throughout the entire process.

Developed for facial acupuncture, this unique process utilizes the theories of acupuncture in combination with modern technology of microneedles.

  • Greying of skin tone due to a build-up of dead cells.
  • blackheads
  • severe acne

Improve skin elasticity and fix wrinkles with acupuncture and herbal cosmetic products.

Micro-acupuncture and Facial acupuncture techniques will both be applied to help you return to your optimal healthy skin.


Private Room for Aesthetics Clinic

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