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Mu.A Tea (Herbal Supplemental Tea)

Mu.A Tea

Mu.A Tea were initially developed by Dr. Shin and the staff of Evergreen Herb Clinic to provide supplemental herbal teas for the patients. They use organic ingredients and are hand-packaged within the facility. Utilizing Korean traditional medical text and science, these teas will help you balance out your body.



Angel TeaTea for your body

  • Supplements RBC production and helps with circulation. Helps improve overall skin condition
  • Ingredients: Angelica, Goji Berry, Jujube, Citrus

King’s Tea – Man have andropause

  • Supplements fertility and stamina. Strengthens muscle and help prevent muscle spasms
  • Ingredients: Angular Solomon’s Seal, Korean Black Raspberry, Eucomnia, Quince, Citrus

Menopause Tea – For women

  • Relief from hot flashes, insomnia, and fatigue that comes with menopause
  • Ingredients: Cynanchum wilfordii, gardenia, angelica, black bean, pomegranate, Chinese liquorice

Cleanse TeaFatigue and urinary problems

  • Supplements bladder and help cleanse it
  • Ingredients: Cornelia cherry, cinnamon, jujube

Honeygrass Latte –

  • Supplements circulation and cleansing the system, especially the female reproductive system. Good for menstrual cramps and PMS
  • Ingredients: Asian selfheal, milk* (non-dairy available for lactose-intolerants)


Goji Berry Tea – Prevention

  • Supplements sight, hearing. Helps prevent and alleviates diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis. High anti-oxidants.
  • Ingredients: Goji Berry, Jujube, Citrus, Ginger

Heartleaf Tea – Hair and Scalp growth and repair

  • Supplements healthy hair growth and maintain healthy scalp condition
  • Ingredients: Heartleaf, green tea, cynanchum wilfordii

Saengmaek Iced TeaPerfect for hot summer.

  • Hydrates your body and cools down the excessive heat that is built up
  • Ingredients: Ginseng, Schizandra berries, big blue lilyturf, omija (five-flavour berry/maximowiczia)

Hwang-gi Tea – Immune system

  • Good for when you experience constant fatigue and energy deficiency.
  • Ingredients: Caramelized Astragalus root, Angular Solomon’s Seal, Chinese liquorice

Beefsteak MintadeFor when you feel cold

  • High mineral and vitamin content. Helps immunity, rid the cold energy from your body. Circulates digestive system and appetite
  • Ingredients: Beefsteak mint (family of perilla/shiso)


Cholesterol TeaFor those with high cholesterol level

  • Supplements prevention of high blood pressure and geriatric diseases.
  • Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, Mountain Mulberry, Chinese Senna (java bean)

Diet TeaTea for weight loss

  • Helps return health body balance and control your appetite
  • Ingredients: Job’s tears, astragalus root, chinese liquorice, citrus, lotus leaf, daikon seed, kudzu root

Delight TeaRelieve physical stress

  • Releases physical tensions in your body
  • Ingredients: Citrus, Angelica, Cinnamon


Evergreen Tea – For those with excessive stress, worries, and thoughts

  • It has a calming effect that can help you meditate and have a peace of mind and heart.
  • Ingredients: Euphoria longan fruit, Big blue lilyturf, Chinese liquorice

Dream TeaFor insomnia

  • Helps you maintain a healthy sleeping schedule. Helps with insomnia
  • Ingredients: Jujube seed, black bean, gardenia, polygoni multiflori ramulus

3’o Clock TeaFor tired eyes, heavy-headedness

  • Helps red-eyes, ocular fatigue, heavy-headedness
  • Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, Goji Berry, Jujube Seed