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Weight-Loss Clinic

Weight-Loss Clinic

TKM (Traditional Korean Medicine) often views obesity’s cause to be an obstruction of dampness circulation which is caused by stagnation of Gi(Qi, Chi) energy. A well circulated body will alter not only your internal physical conditions but also your external body conditions. This page will explore some types and causes of weight-problems commonly observed in our patients and how Evergreen’s Weight-Loss clinic will help you with your weight-problem.

Common causes of Obesity

Case: Do you swell easily when you try exercising?

The body’s chi level is directly correlated with the body’s metabolism. As the body’s metabolism drops, its ability to break down fatty acids and cells also drops creating a stagnation of Gi(Qi, Chi) where lipids and water builds up. This leads to swelling of your body or increase in body fat, often explaining the obesity. Even exercise that is meant to break down these fats and cells cause more swelling as the body’s lack of chi leads to fatigue, as the body cannot support the amount of exercise. In this case, it is important for weight loss that increasing chi level is helpful to work metabolism actively with the specific acupuncture and herbal concentrate. The exercise can lead weight loss after this treatment.

Tip: The Ginseng and res Ginseng teas are helpful to recover your energy level after exercise.

Case: The weight is changed 2-3lbs according to nutrition pattern.

Another function of the stomach and the spleen is that they create and regulate dampness. If this function is somehow impaired, the water that ought to escape your body is stagnated and increases the overall internal dampness causing indigestion and lack of circulation. At such occurrences, if one consumes food that requires high metabolism (which also produces a lot of heat in your body), such as flour-based food, greasy food, alcohol, et cetera; your body and head feels heavier with displays of symptoms such as lack of appetite, fatigue, and listlessness.

Tip: If such is the case, consumption of food that is high in diuretics or supports digestion is recommended: Plum tea, Watermelon juice, red bean porridge, etc.

Case: The weight was not changed even you reduced repast.

An average of 70% of the human body is water. However, this water can become polluted from external materials and abnormalities in the plasma and other bodily fluids. ‘Dam-eum’ means that the body water contains waste materials a lot. The blood transfers the materials to the body cells to convert energy. The waste of material which is used by cell is discharged through urine and sweet normally. When your body accumulates Dam-eum, it slows down the activity of your organs and damages their functions from digestive, reproductive, to circulative. Symptoms such as post-meal heaviness, constipation, irregular menstrual cycle, and lack of appetite appear along with an increase in weight.

Tip: Teas that clear up wastes in the blood are helpful: mandarin peel, Platycodon root

Case: Which high amount of stress has brought upon weight-gain.

Psychological strains such as stress and anxiety heavily affect the flow of Gi throughout your body. As explained with other cases, a decrease or impairment on the chi-flow directly affects the circulation in your body which causes weight-gain.

Case: Are you always hungry?

This is a case in which one experiences hunger abnormally often. Such craving for food and increase in appetite occurs when there is excess heat in your stomach. The stomach generates excess heat if one has irregular diet, from quantity to quality and time, and acid reflux which can have many different causes. One who suffers from such case gains weight as one experiences a strong sense of hunger and tends to overeat, forcing the stomach to generate even more energy and thus more heat, creating a cyclical pattern that leads to obesity.

1. Common Obesity: Overeating (poor diet pattern) and lack of exercise are the most common causes behind obesity

2. Post-natal Obesity:

3. Abdominal Obesity:

4. Lower-Body Obesity:

5. Genetic Obesity:

6. Syndromic Obesity

Evergreen’s WEIGHT-LOSS CLINIC Process


A. Herbal concentrate

B. Acupuncture

i. Circulation Chim

ii. Lipid-Breakdown Chim

iii. Appetite-Killer Chim

C. Low-Ultrasonic Waves

D. Moxibustion

E. Massages

i. Lipoderm Massage

ii. Lipid-Breakdown Massage

Personalized Diet Program

Although circulation is often the most common cause behind weight increase or obesity, there is never single universal reason for a disease or a condition. There are multiple reasons and causes, each in respect to the individual patient. Evergreen uses pulse diagnoses and state-of-the- art technologies to accurately determine the cause behind our patient’s weight problems. Depending on the patient, a different method will be applied to assist our patient in finding the optimal weight for their body.

Relaxing and Confidence-building

  • We do our utmost to provide a relaxing experience throughout the program that will help you find tranquility and confidence in your own health and image. Our doctors will be with you throughout the process.