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Evergreen believes that the first step to any healing process is TRUST between the patient and the doctor.


We full-heartedly listen:

Communication is key to any relations and trust-building. We listen and it will show in our process; from reception to complete recovery, we will be listening to you.

Quality you can trust:

We provide service as we would to our family; you will receive the best of our services with the best of qualities. *For further information on the quality of our herbs, please visit our herbs page.

13 years of evidence and proved results:

-90% patient retention rate: 90% of our patients who have been treated have either referred a different patient or visited again for another reason
-95% of our new patients come from referrals
-We have not invested in any telemarketing or webmarketing for the past 13 years.


Evergreen endeavors to make all of its patients smile.


We recognize your pain:

Patients’ wills to be cured become stronger when there is someone who can truly relate and recognize their pain. Without that will, the healing process cannot be truly effective and we do our utmost to understand and recognize your pain, whether physical or psychological.

We will help understand the origins of your pain:

It always helps the patients to know what they are suffering from and why. Grasping the reason their pain manifested helps them better comprehend the steps necessary in the healing process.

We will return the smile on your face:

A perfect treatment and healing often make patients smile. Nothing is more priceless to us than seeing the smile on our patients’ faces.