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Medicinal Herbal Products

Gong Jin Dan

Gong Jin Dan is a restorative herbal peel which the emperor had taken to recover his/her energy when he/she was exhausted without energy to work. This is the best restorative supplement in Asian traditional herbal medicine.

This Peel is Helpful

  • Congenitally Week Constitution / Lack of energy essence by aging / Energy deficiency by chronic illness
  • Dizziness, headache, chronic fatigue, Diabetes, climacteric/andropause caused by Depression for Liver
  • Prostatic hypertrophy, Energetic decay
  • intenseanger, sensitive nerve with tired

Good to recover your body condition and energy level.
Angelica root, Asiatic Dogwood Fruit, Musk, Honey

Dosage: 1 pill a day at morning

Evergreen Gong Jin Dan


Ja Un Go Balm

JaUnGo is a famous Korean herb recipe that makes skin free from various troubles like atopy, dry-skin, itching, eczema, miliaria, congenital fever, etc.




Olive Oil, Graph Seed Oil, Beeswax, Angelicae Sinesis, Lithospermum erythrorhizon, Paeoniae Rubrae, Chrysanthemi Morifolli, Citrus trifoliate, Lonicerae Japonicae, Liquordice, Ulmus macrocarpa, Platycodi Grandiflori, Sophorae Flavescentis, Astragali Membranacei

Mu.A Over-The-Counter Herbal Medicine

Pills & Medicine Balls

Pill designed to provide immediate relief to stomachaches, knots, indigestion, diarrhea, and qi stagnation, ABH is an Evergreen exclusive medicine.

CSW calms the xin (heartmind) and balances any qi fluctuations. It is an emergency pill that can be used for cases such as shocks, heart palpitations, etc.

GJD is also known as the Emperor’s Pill in much of east asia. With rare herbal ingredients and pure gold dust, this medicine provide adrenal support and brings your chi level to prime optimal state. It strengthens blood and qi production

M-Pause is designed to help women going through menopause. It helps balance the hormones and prevent hot flashes.

W-Boost boosts women’s immune system and hormone production.

M&B- Support is designed to support your muscles and bones. It strengthens weakened ligaments, cartilages, back muscles, and invigorates urinary flow.Recommended for rheumatism patients.

X- Andro is designed for men going through andropause. It helps with cold-sweat, lack of appetite, weak urinary flow, weakened sex drive, and fatigue.

Pre-Natal S is for both men and women who are preparing or planning for pregnancy. It focuses on protection and development of an healthy egg and sperms.

Pregnancy-prep is often a multi-step project that includes this herbal pill.

Designed for postpartum healthy maintenance and balance, Post-partum S supplements blood production and body’s overall homeostasis. The pill is a part of the weekly project.

Neural S helps one with focus and brain activity by stimulating neural cells and help neutralize stress. Recommended for high-load workers and students.

Puberty S contains herbs that provide the necessary nutrients to young adults who are going through puberty to help promote a healthy and efficient development process. It strengthens and promotes bone and muscle growth and density and circulation to stimulate the growth plates.

Granules (Herbal Powders)

For Coughs, Runny nose, Sneezes.

For headache, nausea, and bodyache after drinking.

For before and after menstrual cycle. Helps with cramps and migraine.

Helps restore the disrupted meridian cycle. Helps calm the nerves which is the common case behind insomnia.

Helps with chronic sinusitis and its symptoms.

For those who suffer from chronic gastritis. Mediate gas build-up and indigestion.

Prevents and helps alleviate acid reflux that results from overproduction of stomach acid.

Helps with those who have over-sensitivity resulting in anxiety and a clogged-feeling on the chest.

Designed for postpartum healthy maintenance and balance, Post-partum S supplements blood production and body’s overall homeostasis. The pill is a part of the weekly project.

Common Cold Medicine

Made of Asian Pear juice, herbs, and water. The sweet tonic helps dry coughs and dry throat.

It is a traditionally brewed tea that is good for qi and blood restoration. Sang means Two and Hwa means Harmony. The tea was designed to harmonize and bring together chi and blood. Great for fatigue, seasonal changes and flu, weak circulation.

Similar to SHT, SGTY is focused on helping balancing the body during seasonal changes and the resulting atmospheric changes. It is great for indigestion that results from exterior coldness and bodyache that comes with colds and flu.